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Default Re: My sweet little boy has become a sarcastic disrespectful 12 year old. plz help me

I haven't been able to assure my son that his Dad does love him. Unfortunately, too many of his father's actions has shut down that assurance completely.

However my son and I have always been close and he's always felt able to talk to me about anything. We've talked about his dad many times, and he's never seemed angry before. We've gone through all the frustrating times when he wouldn't show up or call. My ex is known to go months without any contact at all, and then he'll be "super-dad" for a few weeks... only to disappear again. Through all that my son knows I love him and he's had my dad there for him every step of the way, since his dad left. I know a g-pa can't substitute a father, but he always seemed to fill that role amazingly well.

My dad is my babysitter, so my son spends a lot of time with his g-pa. I asked my dad to talk to him today after school. He thinks this behavior is girl-related though. He told me I don't understand the complex issues of testosterone in a little boy. He's chocking the changes up to puberty and showing off.

If he is right, then wouldn't grounding/deprivation punishments work? I still think its more complex. He's not just showing off for friends... he doesn't seem to care anymore about school, nor does have have any remorse for disrespecting adults.
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