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Default Re: My sweet little boy has become a sarcastic disrespectful 12 year old. plz help me

Good for you for getting teachers and parents involved. Sometimes a little support is the missing ingredient.
I think that it is interesting that he is keeping his grades up (granted C isn' great), but he is following through on that. Isn't it strange that he picked the issue that is most important to you to test you on? He may be seeing other friends getting away with poor grades etc. and this may be his way of saying how unfair it is. Of course it is not unfair, but to a 12 year old it's going to look unfair.
Two suggestions. The first you may already be doing and that is to talk with him about why he is pushing that button, what he wants school to look like and why it's not quite there. A softer conversation may open up other possible school problems like friend issues or bullying that he isn't opening up to.
The second suggestion (and you may be doing this already too) is to spend some good time with him even when he is grounded. Sometimes it's easy to give the cold shoulder and the grumpy eyes when they are in trouble, but this is a good time to build on the relationship. Keeping a strong relationship is important no matter what is going on. I guess I'm saying that even if he is acting poorly still focus on his good side and on your relationship.
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