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    Closed Thread
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    Old 03-12-2008, 08:55 AM   #11
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    Default Re: My sweet little boy has become a sarcastic disrespectful 12 year old. plz help me

    Thank you guys for all ur advice.

    It's so hard for me to see the mean child that his teachers are complaining about. I got home last night from work and saw him playing house with his baby cousin. (She is his favorite family member.) Since he's grounded from everything he was bored and decided to keep her company. I know my son is a sweet loving boy, and it breaks my heart that he is going through something that is making him act out.

    I spent a long time talking to him last night. I tried asking him why he was misbehaving. I asked him if he wants to get kicked out of his school. (I guess I should mention now that he goes to an exclusive academy with a 3 year waiting list. They will not hesitate to remove troublesome students and send them to the local public school.) He said he doesn't. He's stated he loves it there and wants to graduate with his friends next year. I tried explaining to him that his actions are going to ruin that for him, but it didn't seem to sink in. He's still denying that he is at fault. He just kept spitting the same excuses at me.

    Its almost impossible for me to remain calm when he does that... although i did try. I want him to take responsibility for his actions. Lying and denying his fault isn't going to help him.

    He's mad at me for grounding him. He "hates me" and I'm now "the worst mom ever." After our talk he just gave me the cold shoulder all night, until bed time. Then he came in and kissed me goodnight. I know that my sweet heart is still in there... i just have to get passed this other side of him.

    I'll try the spending more time with him and giving him more positive attention. Just cuz he's always dealt with everything easily before doesn't mean he knows how to deal with it now. Thank you guys again for the advice. I really hope it works.

    Talking about it and getting your input has definitely made me feel better.
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    Old 04-04-2008, 06:45 AM   #12
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    Default Re: My sweet little boy has become a sarcastic disrespectful 12 year old. plz help me

    Hi there!
    Could it be that he is in the very early stages of puberty? I have heard that children are developing earlier these days. Sounds like teenage problems / attitude - he's twleve right? Maybe he's confused about some things that he just simply feels too shy to speak with you about. Perhaps he will talk to another male member of the family? What about other problems at school? Could it be that he is being bullied? Has he had a new teacher lately (my son was very negative about school in the beginning as he didn't like his teacher, now, he is getting better grades because he can relate more to his new teacher).
    I hope you find the answer and that things improve for you both.
    Hang in there
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