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    Russian citizenship

    If you want to get Russian citizenship for this reason, you should contact russia-travel com. This service is great for helping Russians in America who want to get citizenship of their former homeland. I think this thing will be useful for you, too. I also think there are some special discounts...
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    Music rating system for parents

    And how to restrict a child in the modern world from listening to music outside the home?
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    Make Reading With Them Fun 📖

    Tnx for the advice!
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    Looking for a daycare

    My kid is 3 and it is impossible to stop him from being active. He is always running, jumping, playing. I have no idea where to put him. We still do not have a place in a gov daycare cause we are on a waitlist yet. I work from home, so he is with me here but I do not have an opportunity to play...