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    Is melatonin a good sleep aid during pregnancy?

    That's something you should discuss with your doctor/nurse.
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    Hungry baby all the time

    I'm pretty sure that's the standard for newborns. That's the frequency that mine ate and also the timeframe when Google searching "how often 1 month old eat".
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    Adult will not leave work or go to school

    I say school of hard knocks. Tell her that she needs to either pay rent/bills or help contribute to the household in other ways, or she needs to move out and figure things out for herself. If she wants to sell her crafts to earn money and earns enough to pay whatever your agreement that would...
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    Some healthy foods for a 6-month-old baby

    My daughter really likes baked beans and eggs (scrambled, hard boiled, and fried). Also, steamed veggies (steam them long enough to make them tender enough to easily cut with a fork) Hope those ideas help!
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    Gassy 1 Month old baby and Formula feeding

    Best of luck! Keep coming back if you want more ideas but for my daughter it just took time and she just stopped one day.
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    Gassy 1 Month old baby and Formula feeding

    My baby was colic for the first 5 months. Hopefully that's not what you're experiencing. Try laying her on your legs with her belly down (or in your arm with her head cradled in your hand and feet over the sides). Also, try gently moving her legs in a bicycle motion, curling up her little...
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    Hi Sarah, I'm Sarah, too! I guess it depends on what you consider "often". If you're looking for constant activity like Facebook, this place is not like that. It's a little quiet as far as forums I frequent as well but I also feel while there's less content the content that's here is more...
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    Issue with our nanny. Thoughts?

    Have you talked to the nanny about this? There's two routes I would go and it depends on your comfort level so these are in no particular order. 1) Since she seems open to doing some shopping for you, maybe you can ask if you can give her a list instead so she knows your preferences? And then...
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    Music rating system for parents

    Or, how to know what they're listening to in the first place. If they think parents will attempt to take it away they won't dare play it at home.
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    consuming cbd flower in pregnancy ?

    Sorry but I'm against using CBD while pregnant. While it's probably fine in small amounts I don't think the risk outweighs the reward. That said, I only smoke recreationally, not to treat stress/depression/chronic pain or other medical reason, so for someone else it might be worth the risk. I...
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    Scared of toxic ex

    I've never gone through that but my sister has. I'm feeling just from this that you and your daughter should avoid this man, you should let your current partner know about the approach and attempt at contact (if you haven't already), and perhaps consider a restraining order. I do think people...
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    My 23 y/o son is ruining my retirement

    Interesting. My dad lives near Sarasota as well. I'll ask him if he knows any place a dad and older son might go to meet people. Not sure that he'll know himself since he's always busy working but maybe he has a secret social life I'm unaware of, lol.
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    My 23 y/o son is ruining my retirement

    Is there any way you can bring him along with you when you go to the condo? Alternately, have you considered going to hobby events/meetings/tournaments with him near your new home to help him build some local relationships that will keep him company when you leave? What is he into? Maybe I...
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    Pasta lovers?

    What are the two recipes you already know? Also, is pasta in soup still considered pasta to you or a soup? Cause I know a good chicken tortellini soup recipe.
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    Daughter and bikini problem...

    I have to say to the other members who might be worried about posting on old threads - personally, I love it! I've already gotten so many ideas for the future with my daughter (if this conversation ever comes up. I was never into bikinis myself but my daughter very well could be) If it is...