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  1. Moonstone

    consuming cbd flower in pregnancy ?

    Sorry but I'm against using CBD while pregnant. While it's probably fine in small amounts I don't think the risk outweighs the reward. That said, I only smoke recreationally, not to treat stress/depression/chronic pain or other medical reason, so for someone else it might be worth the risk. I...
  2. Moonstone

    Scared of toxic ex

    I've never gone through that but my sister has. I'm feeling just from this that you and your daughter should avoid this man, you should let your current partner know about the approach and attempt at contact (if you haven't already), and perhaps consider a restraining order. I do think people...
  3. Moonstone

    My 23 y/o son is ruining my retirement

    Interesting. My dad lives near Sarasota as well. I'll ask him if he knows any place a dad and older son might go to meet people. Not sure that he'll know himself since he's always busy working but maybe he has a secret social life I'm unaware of, lol.
  4. Moonstone

    My 23 y/o son is ruining my retirement

    Is there any way you can bring him along with you when you go to the condo? Alternately, have you considered going to hobby events/meetings/tournaments with him near your new home to help him build some local relationships that will keep him company when you leave? What is he into? Maybe I...
  5. Moonstone

    Pasta lovers?

    What are the two recipes you already know? Also, is pasta in soup still considered pasta to you or a soup? Cause I know a good chicken tortellini soup recipe.
  6. Moonstone

    Daughter and bikini problem...

    I have to say to the other members who might be worried about posting on old threads - personally, I love it! I've already gotten so many ideas for the future with my daughter (if this conversation ever comes up. I was never into bikinis myself but my daughter very well could be) If it is...
  7. Moonstone

    Is this behavior normal?

    Sorry, I don't know how to handle that situation, but hopefully someone here with a little older child can help! I've heard of the terrible 2s... maybe she hit that point early?
  8. Moonstone

    Hi all, I'm new to here!

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. :)
  9. Moonstone

    Am I the only one that hates floating bottles when warming?

    Glad to be of assistance. I hope you'll stick around for more than just this! There is a new member forum if you'd like to post a bit more about yourself personally. Good luck in your endeavors!
  10. Moonstone

    Am I the only one that hates floating bottles when warming?

    Sorry, no, I use glass bottles in a pan on the stove for warming and they never floated.
  11. Moonstone

    New to the forums

    Um. Welcome. Interesting hobby you have. I hope you like it around here.
  12. Moonstone

    online fall out left my daughter vulnerable

    I definitely think you should contact the ex-boyfriend's mother before stopping by to visit. Without knowing anything about the ex-boyfriend it's hard to say whether he should be notified beforehand as well. Your daughter may have the best insight on that. I think your plan sounds great. I...
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    Welcome Alex!
  14. Moonstone

    Daughter 22 depressed overweight...

    @Waboon I don't think you need to apologize. Even if the thread is old you still have wisdom and advice to share that could be helpful to someone in a similar situation.
  15. Moonstone

    he's left

    Hi Elli, I'm 30 and didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 17. I also never wanted kids until I was much older and already in an established relationship so feel free to take any advice I have for you with a grain of salt. After all, I don't understand what it feels like to want to start...
  16. Moonstone

    How do I know if I can have a vaginal birth?

    That's a really great question for your doctor or the doctor you plan to see through your/your partner's pregnancy. That said, my doctor wasn't 100% sure until I was giving birth, so your doctor might be the same. Still, my doctor was able to tell me early on that their organization preferred...
  17. Moonstone

    weird incident with neighbor kid

    Well, the only thing I've found is that "purse" can mean a girls privates, sometimes referring in an exchange of money. I can see three meanings: 1. Hinting your son and his girlfriend are having sex. 2. Hinting that the girlfriend is a hoe. 3. Hinting that your son is seeing multiple girls...
  18. Moonstone


    I don't entirely have the experience you're looking for but I have pieces of it. I recently became a stay-at-home mom because my husband picked up some less than ideal work. It's taken him almost 6 months to find suitable work after finishing school because of the pandemic. We were hoping he...
  19. Moonstone

    My daughter is recovering from a UTI

    Amazon also sells both juice and pills. Even if you don't pay for Prime you could probably get a free month trial (maybe under a new email address if you've used a trial in the past) Anyway, happy to help! I hope you can find some juice or pills but if not a lot of hydration from other sources...
  20. Moonstone

    My daughter is recovering from a UTI

    My parents always encouraged me to drink cranberry juice when I got those. Not sure what else is good.