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  1. RandyGold

    Russian citizenship

    In your situation, everything is easier than most people who want to get Russian citizenship.
  2. RandyGold

    Video Baby Monitor System (B/W) with 5 Inch Monitor and Wireless Camera $69.99...

    Since when 70 bucks is a lot of money for a monitor system? Have you seen the prices on security systems?
  3. RandyGold

    Is this behavior normal?

    I believe that this behavior can be quite acceptable only for those parents who are poorly engaged in the upbringing of their children, and also give them to incompetent caregivers in daycares. I searched for a very long time on the Internet for a good daycare and after several weeks of calling...
  4. RandyGold

    Critical Thinking in kids

    No problem, that is really interesting for me
  5. RandyGold

    Daughter 22 depressed overweight...

    Тhat is just necessary to use the help of the professional that will create the diet for your daughter. That is the only way to lose the excess weight
  6. RandyGold

    Childcare financing survey

    Тhanks for your work! I believe that it could simplify the life to the great number of parents
  7. RandyGold

    How is everyone navigating social interaction for their toddlers?

    I am not an enemy to my child, so I only wish him well. For this reason, I found Infant Day Care Brooklyn for him, which should have suited him. On the site I read a lot of positive reviews about the work of educators and teachers, which drew my attention to this...
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    Raising your kids abroad...

    That is not bad that the child learns the new language and the new culture. They are very adaptive
  9. RandyGold

    Weddings, what's it like...

    My wedding was very local and I liked it. I mean that only our close friends were invited. We rented a beautiful place and just nicely spent time there