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  1. Billok

    My house is falling down......

    Oh, if you have enough money for that, you can hire professionals that could help you to repair your house. If you want to invite some friends to your house, I can recommend you to check some large rugs on DorisLeslieBlau that will help you to hide the cracks on your floor. I should say that it...
  2. Billok

    Teaching your child to read early!

    The is no reason to argue with you. Of course, reading develops different skills and the way of thinking. Kids have better imaginations and know how to act in different situations. That is why parents read them since early childhood. I should mention our Little Scholars Kindergarten Brooklyn...
  3. Billok

    How Much Screen Time for Kids?...

    I believe that in the early childhood that is necessary to restrict the quantity of screen time
  4. Billok

    Holiday Theater Camp

    That is really amazing idea! I could join it with the great pleasure!
  5. Billok

    Children and Affection

    I believe that it is totally normal and every child develop in its own way