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    Children crying all time (ages 1 and 3)

    What do you mean by "crying all the time"? What is the reason? It may depend on the age of the child, the level of the stress, what happens, and how the child perceives everything. My youngest son can cry if the napkin on the table is on the wrong side. I am afraid of it. Have you consulted...
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    Screen Time and Children

    My story will be banal. It's a story about Tik-Tok. I don't argue that's i's a great platform for promotion, but it's now meant for children. My elder son watched the various funny videos there and then started repeating them in life. It's really terrible. He spent most of the day there and was...
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    Critical Thinking in kids

    You are rising an important topic, but children of what age it concerns? I think you need to add more details and information to your post. Not everyone will follow your link. It may be interesting not only for parents of teenagers but also for those who are interested in it for younger...
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    Sudden Regression

    It seems that at three years old there is a first personality crisis, read about it. My son also began to behave badly when he was three years old. He was capricious, constantly changing his decisions, now his behaviour has improved. "Me" time is good, you can use it as you want. Don't try hard!
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    Did I do somthing wrong? Toddler wont sleep...

    My son behaved the same way when he wasn't tired. He got up to drink water, read a book, listen to music. and play more. He didn't nap at all, it was so hard. I left him alone, and when he was tired, he fell asleep himself. Otherwise, I only wasted a few hours to put him to bed.
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    Recommendation: How to make your baby sleep so you can sleep

    It is great that there are such programs that teach parents. Several years ago I could definitely use such a program. Can you tell us about your experience? How exactly did this program help you? I understand that it has a lot of possibilities and your experience is interesting.
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    Christmas gift for 12&4 years old

    Hello! This Christmas we agreed with the children that we will buy only what necessary and useful. We leave all the expensive gifts for such big holidays. And so the children asked for VR-glasses. I found these reviews:, and if it's OK for my eldest son...
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    Do you believe in spanking?

    There is no point in shouting or beating at my children, as they are only angrier and behave worse. I don't understand why anyone still thinks that this method works. Instead of talking to the child, parents mock him and they complain about how bad their children are.
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    New member introduction...

    Hello, Amanda! Thank you for sharing your experience, many of us need advice. Writing articles is not easy, you need to read a lot of material, and when there is such important information collected in ope place, it is much easier.
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    2yr old crying...

    I didn't know that there are bracelets for children, it is very convenient. It's interesting to read what material they use and how long they will last. We have a lot of these toys, but they get dirty quickly and need to be processed all the time.
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    Best bike for a child!

    I like that you have written all the factors. Usually, it's difficult for a child to choose one thing, and of course, it's the most expensive and brightest bike. By the way, I managed to find a bike that can be used by children from 2 to 10 years old, it's fully adjustable for the height and...
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    Critical Thinking in kids

    Good luck with your dissertation, your theme is so important. During my courses, we talked about the fact it's difficult for children to concentrate. I read your article, and it interestingly reveals the topic of fake news. I will be your volunteer!
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    Educational toys

    I think I understand what you're talking about. We won't be able to get rid of children's phones, because they have become part of our lives. But we can direct it in the right direction. Thank you for your reference!
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    It will not work with my children. I can raise my voice or even shout, but I quickly realized that it has no effect. It's much more accessible to make a remark or some action. I didn't even think about hitting them. I know by myself, it only makes it worse for children. When they see their...
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    I'm giving money savings courses to kids.

    It reminded me of a book by Robert Kiyosaki, It also talks about how important it is to teach children financial literacy. I use some tips in my upbringing. I think your course will be interesting for many parents.
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    how to be a good parent when you are going through divorce?...

    I feel you. To hurt a child's feelings in this situation is the worst. I am sure that your son understands the situation. In any case, try to talk to him calmy. As for divorce, look for the women's organizations that help with it.
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    Does it matter what shampoo I use?...

    It's an interesting question. You should always look at the composition of the shampoo because you can hurt yourself in the first place. Make sure that there is nothing that can hurt, if something is unknown, look on the Internet. And only then decide if you can use this product.
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    mom of 7 and waiting for twins...

    OK, it seems a little late but I am just so impressed. I want to have enough strength to be like you! I spend a lot of effort on two children, I have no idea how you cope. What will be the advice? I will gladly read it!
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    We have the same situation here. It's only getting worse, the children are home again, we rarely go out even to the store, do shopping online. We all worry about each other, so it gets harder for us. I believe everything will be fine!
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    My children are also as active that I have to find new activities. I was thinking about the bike it seems to be funny and a little bit dangerous. My younger son is 3 years old and he wants to ride a bike. We are living in a village now so here is a place to ride safely. I am looking for a...