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  1. sumitarora

    How To Identify and Improve Low Self Esteem in Your Children

    Identifying and improving low self-esteem in children is an important aspect of their emotional well-being and development. Here are some suggestions on how to address this issue: Recognize the Signs: Look for signs that may indicate low self-esteem in your child, such as excessive...
  2. sumitarora

    Any tips on how to teach a kid to swim?...

    Teaching a child to swim can be a fun and rewarding experience. It's important to start with basic skills, like blowing bubbles and kicking, before moving on to strokes. Encourage your child with positive reinforcement and make sure they feel comfortable and safe in the water. Always supervise...
  3. sumitarora

    Niwbie Here

    Hi All, I am Sumit Arora from India. I am an education consultant now working with Cambridge International School CBSE, Miraj.