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    The ideal choice for apartment buildings with centralized heating is a cast iron radiator or a bimetallic model. They have a long service life and are resistant to corrosion processes.
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    Where to find good/well-priced furniture?

    I bought a house and am graduating beyond Ikea and Walmart furniture. But I know nothing about furniture shopping. My one time in a Leon's was annoyingly high pressure and they seem overpriced. Where do I go in southern Ontario for appropriately priced furniture that will last a long time?
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    Messenger recommendation?

    People are choosing WhatsApp Messenger over Facebook Messenger because of these five differences: 1. WhatsApp needs less bandwidth {connectivity} whereas Facebook is a heavy application that needs good connectivity. 2. Facebook messenger requires a Facebook account whereas with WhatsApp you...
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    Messenger recommendation?

    What is your recommendation on which messenger to use? I'm on a search right now, so I need to find some interesting messengers. Even one option would be useful for me. Thank you.