10yrd old daughter acting out


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Aug 28, 2021
Hi I'm new to this forum. I am a single mom with a 10yr old daughter. Long story short...My daughters father died in a traffic accident two years ago. The grieving process has been very difficult for my daughter. She's been seeing a grief counselor weekly for two years. We have recently moved to a new area where I have accepted a new job. My daughter is having behavior problems at her new school. She is acting out and her behavior has been unacceptable. She recently threw her pencil in anger as her teacher was trying to help her with her math homework. She wanted to use a calculator, which she was not allowed to use. She then cried and refused to do any homework. I've since taken away all her electronics, grounded her for a week, and made her write a letter of apology to her teacher. Now at home, she is speaking disrespectfully to me, slamming her door, and has a huge attitude problem with everything. I am not normally as push over type of mom...I am ready to take on this behavior problem with my daughter. I'm embarrassed by her bad manners. I Will do whatever is necessary to teach her what is right from wrong. I just don't know exactly WHAT or HOW to handle this situation with her. I need some suggestions please.