A lifesaver for parents: MySkazka, an educational service for children's personalized fairy tales


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Dec 10, 2021
Introducing Myskazka, a personal therapeutic storytelling service for children ages 2 to 8. It is a project created to make life easier for parents and make their children happier, as well as to help solve children's actual problems without visiting a psychologist.
All parents face such problems in the behavior of their children as scandals, tantrums, tears, disobedience, demands and ultimatums. And not everyone has the patience to react softly to these situations, because a parent is not a robot, he too is tired of daily chores, everyday life, and work. Sharp moments can lead to shouting and arguments between parents and children, which in the future leaves a hard mark on the child's psyche.

And all this happens not because the child is bad, but because of misunderstanding. Toddlers have a need for attention because they constantly have problems that they just don't understand how to respond to because of their age. Such as fear of the dark, unwillingness to sleep separately, relationships with peers and many others. It is better to solve these problems as they arise, so that later they do not remind themselves, because according to psychologists, more than 90% of psychological problems stem from childhood.

MySkazka has found a way to help both parents and children. Our fairy tales are able to convey important truths to children, as well as to support them in solving children's problems and getting rid of phobias in a gentle and gentle way.
Fairy tale therapy is a well-known instrument of psychology and art therapy that works not only on children, but also on adults. A fairy tale not only teaches, but also makes it possible to look at the world in a new way, facilitating the resolution of psychological problems and ridding the child of fears. It is not a miracle cure that helps in one go, but a way of deep and gentle influence that works if you read fairy tales to your child not from time to time, but regularly.

One can say unequivocally that if one works through a problem in childhood with the aid of story therapy, then there is a good chance that he or she will not encounter a similar situation later on in adulthood. You will agree that you would like your children to avoid in the future the problems that you may have had and to grow up to be even more harmonious and mentally healthy.
Myskazka contributes to solving children's basic problems: fear of the dark, unwillingness to sleep in their own bed, a feeling of being different from others. The characters in the fairy tales are usually already familiar to children from other fairy tales and cartoons, so they elicit a positive reaction. Fairy tales work because they are written by professional children's authors and psychologists and illustrated by children's artists, who were selected from more than five hundred of the best. The service is packed with soul and knowledge, so it can't help but grab you, and even adults want to reread the tales over and over again.

The service also includes tales on pressing social topics: the divorce of parents or their separation, as well as the problem of society's acceptance of a child with special developmental needs. MySkazka is proud to partner with charitable foundations and actively participates in the social life of society.
Most importantly, all of the fairy tales on the service are personal. Variables are substituted into the tale's plot: the child's name, parents, best friends, favorite foods, and hobbies, and the tale becomes addressed to the child, and most importantly, it has a therapeutic effect.
Each story is colorfully illustrated and animated, so that your child will be delighted to exclaim "Cartoooons!", and when he hears his name in the story, will be even happier! Also, especially for kids who love audio tales, the service provides voice-over narration by female voices.

The service has already received hundreds of testimonials from parents who have been able to use fairy tales to explain the problems they face to their children. All options where you can read and listen to the tales are available at https://taplink.cc/my___skazka.
Try it and you, use MySkazka regularly before bedtime, on the road or in your free time at home, and watch how the baby will understand many things and how his behavior will change for the better!