a tragedy...


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Feb 23, 2009
I hesitated about where to post this, it's not really parenting, but the man's life was spent as a great parent and teacher, so here it is anyway.....

Some of you may have taken note, as it did hit the national news media, a football coach at a small school just north of here was shot and killed in his school weight room yestereday morning.

The guy was a phenominal football coach, but beyond that he was simply a great man. Yesterday his sone spoke for the family and in a clear voice expressed thanks for everyone's messages of support, asked for privacy and asked for compasion toward the family of the shooter. This young man's dad was not even dead 24 hours and he had the composure to do this. I think that speaks loads about the man.

Beyond being a coach, he was a teacher and the most important thing he taught was caring about people/giving a helping hand. So, in his memory I hope everyone takes an opportunity to reach out and help where they can in his honor.

Those who believe in prayer, please say a prayer for his family and those who do not, please take a moment to think a kind thought.

Rest in peace Coach Ed Thomas.

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Jan 4, 2009
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had read it on yahoo. terrible thing. the son's getting grown up since he stepped up to the plate to ask for some privacy in that time. his dad would be proud i bet.