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Feb 14, 2016
My daughter has known X for 7 years and a about a month ago things went down hil and I think this girl who has been bullying my daughter Avery has gotten X to do a lot of this but I'm not sure.Avery has tried to talk to this girl several time and I finally talked to her mom after Avery blocked her texts etc and X called yelling about why Z hasn't responded. I also heard X yell at Avery calling her drama queen, liar and yell at why she doesn't answer phone fast enough or answer texts, also kept yelling why she had it on speaker phone for her mom to here. It was not on speaker phone.

I showed X the email and we discussed it. So I just wanted to write to you to let you know that my daughter would never taunt or tease someone. She was not brought up that way and is not like that at all. If anything she has been nothing but nice to Avery Being friends with her. X would never lie to me and she always brings any issues or problems to my attention. She cannot help it if her friends (which are mutual and in the same class) want to talk about the bat mitzvah and are excited to go. X tries to minimize it and not to talk about it so much in front of Avery to not make her feel bad but I'm sorry I can't control what other people say. Yes I know they have been friends for awhile. But it has gotten to a point where things are too much drama and too stressful between them to be friends. I am sorry if Avery's feelings are hurt but X says Avery is not being honest about all this and is the one causing this drama. X wouldnever taunt or tease her. I am offended that you would even say that as X has really been a great friend to Avery. She always is nice to her and tried to help her with things. She knows that it is not easy for Avery She has tried to be a good friend to her. But X has to do what is best for X and right now it is taking a step back from their friendship to rid the stress and drama that has become. But it seems as though Avery does not want her too. She still keeps up with the drama. X is not mean at all to Avery. She is nice to her. X is doing what she needs to do. And I am sorry but Z needs to focus on something else other than X and their friendship.

I have gone to the counselor twice but nothing I know my daughter is 100% innocent but she isn't 1005 guilty either.


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Feb 26, 2015
(Note: you need to punctuate where it's needed. This wasn't easy to read.)

How old are these girls?
There's always a negative manipulator that has to come between friends and spread poisons like a cancer, damaging a long term friendship.
My daughter is going through a dramatic shift her friends social circle and is now the odd one out, spending all her free time at home, and no phone calls. She has, maybe, 2 friends in her class. Her old best-friend is still her friend but hangs out most of the time with people that doesn't like my daughter. One girl gave me an awful look.
It's put a tremendous amount of stress on my daughter resulting in counselling and poor school performance. Teachers are constantly having to accommodate to her sensitivity just to ensure she can be comfortable to be able to participate in class.
Although, my daughter is just as caring and mindful of others, just like how you describe your daughter. She has let it slip that she has contributed to some things. Nothing as terrible as what the bullies have done to her, but nonetheless, I've had to remind my daughter not to stoop to their level.

Sorry, I don't have any advice. But I just want to let you know that it happens all the time. It's a social shift when friends turn to others when their interests and personalities change.