Chapter book reader...


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May 22, 2012
United States
My first grader is just getting to the point where she can read fluently enough to use expression and read more than simple stories. At this point, she mostly reads aloud to me or her siblings. I read the kids 1-3 small stories each night, but recently started letting my oldest stay up after the younger ones go to bed, and I read a chapter book to her. (The 1 and 3 year-olds don't have the attention span for longer stories.) We read one chapter a night. Well she was just fascinated by the chapter we read tonight, and begged for me to read the next chapter. I said no, only one chapter a night. So she went to her room and read the following chapter all by herself! That is the first time she has really initiated reading to herself, which I know is a huge milestone in literacy. I'm very proud. :)


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Feb 18, 2013
That is awesome! I have a stepdaughter in kindergarten and I got excited when she was reading the short level books to me.. lol.
Thumbs up for her.. and you!