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Sep 1, 2021
How do you decide when you’re done having children? I thought after my second baby we were done, but six years later I have the desire to mother another child. My first two are 4 years apart and are very close. Im just concerned about the age gaps. If I were to try for another, my kids would be close to 12 and 8 at babies arrival. I see some pros to this but then I think of the 3rd child feeling like any only child or the adjustments on my kids now with the ease of life and routine. I am really torn as what to do. I don’t want to regret not having another as I’m aging and it will no longer be an option. Any advice would be appreciated.


Nov 9, 2020
I can only tell you from the experience of my best friend from my 20s. She is the youngest of 3 with age differences similar to your kids. She told me her older siblings didn't really want anything to do with her when she was young. I'm not sure if that was just ignoring her or actually having some hostility and jealousy since they moved out as soon as they could when she was still too young to really remember. Her mother also babies her a lot. She is very anxious, depressed, dropped out of school and is on a lot of drugs (prescription and otherwise).

I never met her siblings but maybe your kids won't treat your youngest (should you choose to have another) the way my friend was treated. I'm thinking not having a bond with them is what caused her anxiety and depression.