Don't know what to think about this...


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Feb 26, 2015
(names are changed)
One of my exes cousin's kid, Selena, is having a birthday party that my daughter, Chantal, is invited to this weekend.
Brief back story, my ex, Ricky, and I get along good. We are trying to mend things (or he wants to). I am on talking terms with his parents, finally. But I can only guess as to what they sent through the grapevine about me to the rest of their nosy, gossipy family.

I haven't spoken to anyone else in that family since we split. It's been over half a decade, and you would think harsh feelings would subside considering I have not been an awful ex, unlike Ricky's cousin's exes, who are the sons of his Aunt, Monica. So, you would think that I would get a little more credit.

The day of the birthday party I have to work, but the end time is after my shift and the venue is on the way home. I called Monica to tell her that I would pick up Chantal and she was so hestitant. She's like "Oh.....well, I'm dropping everyone off their houses." Her tone was odd and nearly defensive. Like she really preferred me to come around. In the end, she just agreed that would pick up my daughter, but not after a few more excuses for me not to. My defense is that I do actually live far out of the way and I just like to help people save money on gas and time and I was going to do some errands, anyways. But the way she was talking to me was just weird. It's like she really didn't want me to show up. She didn't offer me to come and check it out and see my daughter play at the venue. Not that my intentions are to intrude. However, on Chantal's birthday, I invited Selena and encouraged all the parents to stay and help out, offered them food and cake. Chantal's grandpa was present, Ricky and his cousin, Selena's dad was there.
One of Ricky's brother wasn't invited, but that was Ricky's decision, not mine. Maybe that's the issue. Maybe everyone in that family thinks that decision was all me. It's not the first time I've been accused of something Ricky did.
Or maybe I'm just being paranoid and reading in too much of the phonecall. But I just can't shake the coldness of her voice.
I like to think it ended on a positive note and that she doesn't completely hate me. But I have a sickening feeling that after we hung up she called Ricky's mom and dish about me. It's just a strong feeling I have.
I would have much preferred if Ricky called her instead.


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Oct 20, 2014
If I were you, I wouldn't worry about it too much. It could be that she felt a bit offended because she wanted to play knight in shining armour and take all the kids home, etc...

Could also be she was stressed over the party, or even worried about you having to pick her up, etc..

You could take her a small gift or something when you pick up your daughter, that's what I'd do :)