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Jun 13, 2016
My name is "Coach Alex" and I recently launched a company called BOOST. BOOST is designed FOR KIDS and the goal of the program is to teach them fundamental fitness and nutrition skills. Its all FREE by the way. I want to educate kids on how to have fun being healthy and become healthier adults, that is the end goal. So I will stop talking and let you check out what I have come up with, please share with anyone (especially your athletes) who could benefit!

Website On the site kids can watch the videos, take quizzes, and earn FREE gear!

YOUTUBE - I will be posting new videos every 10 days to start, from "6 moves to a more powerful swing" to "How to get your mind in the game" and everything in between!

FACEBOOK -This is for you guys! I want to be a resource to parents as much as I am to kids so please check it out!

Thank you so much for your time and PLEASE ask questions. I want to become the main resource for our athletes and input from parents is crucial.


Please help me reach as many kids as possible, I want to make a difference in kids lives and provide them with the CORRECT information about diet and exercise that they desperately need.

Coach Alex


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May 19, 2020
Maybe you’ve seen ads or cookbooks flaunting fatty comfort foods, or fitness magazines yapping about ketogens, MCFA’s, and the like. Here’s a lovely example of dangerous propaganda taking hold of our nation …a low-carb, high-fat diet, that promises to reset your metabolism. Claims like “carbs spike blood sugar,” “burn more fat through ketogenesis,” and “prehistoric man didn’t eat carbs and we shouldn’t, either” are on every social media channel and magazine around.