FYI, I'm making some changes to the permissions...

cg stephen

Support Team
Feb 15, 2008
Some things might be a little wonky today, so if things don't seem to work, that is why.

I'll post when I have an all-clear

cg admin

Oct 30, 2008
Okay, here are the changes.

All forums visible when logged out except

Intro- visible if Logged-in
General Chat - Logged in
Veteran forum - 300 posts
Polls and Queries - Visible if logged-in
WAHP - Visible if logged-in

Additional forum restrictions-
Polls and Queries - 10 posts to post
WAHP - 10 posts to post

User limitations:

Registered - First post needs to go in the introduction forum. Within an hour after the first post, the user will be able to post in the other available forums.

Registered w/full privileges - Can access the poll and networking forum, but cannot make a post until 10 posts

Family Album - 200 posts
Veterans - 300 posts

If you can create instructional material to post in the appropriate areas, that would be helpful.

If you have any questions or something is not work correctly, let me know.