I am Looking for US Based Online Degree Programs?...


May 2, 2014
<FONT font="Lucida Console">Hi this is Nibal Inaya Mustafa:

I live in UAE and mostly work from home, so it’s very easier for me to get online degree classes. Let me clear one thing that there are numbers of US based online universities that looks great and provides online degree education but later find hidden fees or they are not accredited. I just need suggestions from the experts who know that which one is the best university and provides online degree education without any hidden points.

One of my friend suggest me some US based universities who provides online degree education in different GCC countries , but I still need suggestions regarding these universities plz take a look and let me know about your experience.

1: Brooklyn Central University
2: Robert Moris University
3: Saint Xavier University
4: California Coastal University
5: Stanwood University[/COLOR]
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Jun 30, 2020
This is also interesting to me. But as far as I know, you still have to apply to the university you choose on a par with other candidates, so you also have to write an admission essay and statement of purpose or just a personal statemen. I know that many not only don't have any plan for writing an essay, they actually have no idea what to write about, and some people confuse that different universities have different requirements for the essay statement. Be careful and you don't miss your chance due to the wrong essay. So if you want to go to university this year, you can visit this site and read this article about statement of purpose vs personal statement . It seems to me that you can find help here with your essay and university entrance.
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