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Dec 27, 2008
Hi everybody.</SIZE>[/FONT]
I haven't been around here for months! There are probably lots of newcomers around too. Sorry about my absence. Our computer has been broken pretty much since the twins were born. We finally got it fixed two weeks ago. Bailey was on it like crazy doing year end projects and exam review. I miss everyone here! Probably everyone forgot about me. How is everyone doing? We've gone through a ton since Lauren and Nick have been born. I probably wouldn't have had time to come on here anyway. They are great babies, but they sure keep me and my hubby on our feet. I have some huge and sort of sad news to tell you all. I guess I'll do a little update below. </SIZE>[/FONT]
Lauren is a very fast developer. She's doing fabulous. Unfortunatley, Nick has some health problems. He doesn't like to eat and is a little bit underweight. And we've been going to the doctor for lots of tests and we found out he has a heart murmur. They are still doing tests to find out why exactly but the doctors said that it's nothing that we should be too concerned. But I mean, how can't you when your little baby is sick. Other than trying to get his weight up and dealing with the murmur, he is a really great baby. Very well-behaved. He will be fine though. That's some of the sad news.</SIZE>[/FONT]

Our poor Alexis has gone through hell the past few months. She was playing soccer and broke her wrist in April. The last week of May we had to rush her to the hospital to get her appendix out. She had to have emergency surgery. But she's doing better now! She finished school yesterday and she was pretty happy. She loves the twins. She's really good with them. When she got out of the hospital we had a surprise waiting for her to cheer her up. It was my husband's idea. Maybe a bad idea. But we got her a little yellow lab puppy! She was so happy! We let her name him (bad idea) and she named him Jonas. After the Jonas brothers. He's a handful. But we love him! </SIZE>[/FONT]
Bailey is doing great. She finished school with great marks. She's been working a whole lot. Getting ready to pay for college and her own car. She's been sad though. She and her boyfriend of almost 3 years broke up earlier this month. He was a nice guy too! She has a new boyfriend though! Definetley completely different from her last one. He's a nice guy but she could do better! (Her daddy isn't a fan of him!!) </SIZE>[/FONT]
Now for the BIG, the happy and the sad news. It's about Hunter. I'll save the best for last. He graduated highschool last week. He's pretty happy about that. He's getting ready to move in August. He's only moving an hour away now. :) He's moving for college. But not so far, because his girlfriend is moving with him. And they need to be close to us and to her parents. That's because she is....pregnant. Three months now. My baby is having a baby! I'm so, so sad. He had lots of dreams that I know won't be easy now having a baby to take care of. He's truly terrified to be a father, but he's ecstatic at the same time. I mean, we can't get mad at him because we had him at the same age he is going to have his child. But still, it's just a little sad for me and Jace. They're staying together though and making a good attempt to raise the baby together. But yeah, I'm going to be a grandma! :) I really am very happy! I'm just sad too! Lauren and Nick are going to become Aunt/Uncle at such a young age! LOL! Bailey's so happy too! So that's my huge news! I'm gonna be a grandma! </SIZE>[/FONT]


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Feb 23, 2009
Hi Jessica, I'm Ray, I'm a dad of two boys, 7 yo and 2 1/2. I'm one of the noobs since you were last here. Congrats on the twins and on becomming a grandma. I hear you about his dreams being affected, but he's young and energetic, he can make anything he wants to happen.

look forward to getting to know you better.


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May 16, 2008
Cleveland, OH
Wow Jessica! You've definately had a ton going on lately! Some good news, some bad news, some scary news!

I hope all turns out well for everyone, I'll say a prayer for your little boy...and your big boy, b/c he'll need it. :)

Welcome back!!! We missed you!


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Jul 3, 2008
melba, Idaho
I was wondering how things were going! Glad to see you back!

A grandma.....WOW.....neices and nephews your kids can play with, that's how it is on my end, me and my mom were pregnant at the same time :). You need to post some pic's of the babies! They must be getting big! Heart murmurs are usually nothing to worry about, Lupan has one and other then checking on it once and a while he is doing great and plays football.

Jonas...hahah..no surprise to me, a friend had a baby (they are young) and guess what the babies name was....Jonas....Poor kid!

Welcome back!

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Jan 4, 2009
East Texas
congratulations! mom and granma. you sound vewy vewy busy. don't know how ya do it.
uh, yeah the heart murmur--dh's brother has one and a cleft pallet. he's now in his 40's and very healthy. the kicker--he and his twin (my dh) were put on goat's milk as babies b/c of all the complications they had w/the cleft pallets and so on. try that. it worked for them &amp; our chloe's colic. the men and chloe eat like piggies now if that tells ya anything about it helping with the appetite. god be w/ya and yours.
anyways,<SIZE size="125"> <I>Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)</I></SIZE>


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Mar 20, 2008
Aww hi Jessica you've been gone for so long! That's so funny because I swear I was JUST wondering how you and your twins were doing like yesterday. I figured you must be so busy with two newborns and so you dropped the forum for awhile - I do the same thing sometimes when my life gets hectic, as much as I love this forum. I'm so glad you're checking back in with us! It's so nice to hear about your family. I am so sorry about all the complications. I certainly hope your baby boy starts doing better and that he turns out to be healthy as a horse.

I am hoping for the best for all of your family. As for your oldest boy, I can't believe it! Wow! I know what its like to have a baby young, and all I can do is to wish strength on him. Its so hard to accomplish the things you wanted to do when you've got a little one depending on you. I've found that it just takes a good deal more time and effort, but its still possible. So just support him in every way you can, and don't worry because things will turn out the way they were supposed to turn out. :)

Best wishes!


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Jul 19, 2007
wow...that's a ton ((HUGS)) I'm so glad to see you back though, I was starting to wonder if you for got about us...LOL