In their father's footsteps...

Shaun Austin

Oct 22, 2012
That was so sweet Callum our second son yesterday said that he has chosen his future career. He said he wants to be just like me helping people through their issues. Callum is currently studying his first year for his A-Levels (the UK stage before a degree) he is taking Psychology, Sociology, Drama, and Sport Studies. He yesterday said he wants to be a pyschological Therapist with young people (similar to my job without the half that is dedicated to teaching counselling and coaching watersport). He yesterday said that while he wants to be a pyschologist he wants to specialise in the use of either sport or Drama as a therapy. Callum seems to be really driven.

Meanwhile Sam (son number 1) has decided he wants to be a medic just like I used to be. He orriganally wanted to follow his mother into veternarian practice but decided he'd prefer to save humans. I am proud of both sons (not that I wasn't already) but because when I was their age i had no idea what i wanted to do at their age and just decided I wanted to go into being a medic because I thought i liked the sound of it. Our boys have made their choices based on their own research and finding chances to gain experience. Which is why im sure they will suceed