Looking for recommendations about TTC sometime soon (ovulation test, phone app, etc.)...


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Jan 10, 2015
My girlfriend and I just decided that we will have a baby and I need recommendations to pinpoint the best day to have sex.

My plan is to have her start using a phone app called “Fertility Friend” which will tell her expected ovulation date and expected fertility date range. Then before her “expected ovulation date” which the app tells us, I will have her use the “First Response Ovulation” test kit which tracks hormone levels in urine and can tell us 24-12 hours before she is actually ovulating.

Is this a good plan?

I think that plan should work. However, I also read that there is a $90 thermometer kit (see http://www.parents.com/fun/entertainment/gadgets/best-fertility-apps-gadgets-ovulation-tracker/#page=4[/URL]) which tracks body temp, so is that a better way to know?

There are a few methods I looked at on this page: http://www.parents.com/fun/entertainment/gadgets/best-fertility-apps-gadgets-ovulation-tracker/[/URL]

and I also looked at this page (http://www.whattoexpect.com/preconception/fertility/five-ways-to-tell-you-are-ovulating.aspx[/URL])

Note: We have not, to this point, have been doing any type of fertility tracking/monitoring.
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