Moody, unmotivated and socially dysfunctional 9yo


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Jul 28, 2021
My kid has always been peculiar and a bit difficult to handle, but after covid's impact, everything got much worse...

He lost interest in his hobbies and went from being really moody to apathetic, we were afraid he was getting depressed.
We got him into therapy (he hated it but things got a bit better nonetheless).
After that, we tried to look for something that could have similar effects but be more enjoyable for him and we stumbled upon

It's a group life coaching and mentoring platform for kids, he's only at his third session but we already see improvements in how he copes with his emotions.
He also asked us to go to the library again after months without touching a book and he's really connecting with the kids and the coach he met on the platform.

I just wanted to share it in case anyone is going through something similar, I hope you'll find it useful!