My daughter is "scared" of me after just 2 days together


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Jul 24, 2020
In 2016 on December 29th I was arrested for a crime I had committed while "unsound of mind". Unfortunately being classified as being temporarily insane in this country so I was imprisoned for the duration of my wife's pregnancy and the birth of our child all the way up until she turned 3.
I was released on the 22nd of this month (July 2020).
I came home and at first our daughter was still at her nursery school so my wife and I had a little time to greet each other before going off to pick her up. We then went to a restaurant and then back home. My daughter was very shy of me the whole time (My wife did not come to regular visits to see me in prison so my daughter hardly knows who I am).
My wife is watching every single move I make, the slightest things are argued at about to me. For example - "Don't use hot water to wash the dishes" and "Don't use my alcohol spray to clean the TV screen again" (-although she had asked me to do this-), "I noticed that you ordered a lot of food at the restaurant and they were all expensive dishes" (we're talking about $1.50 - $1.80 each, sushi).
Anyway, getting to the point. My wife's other comment is that my daughter says she's scared of me. I can't think for the life of me why. She's too young to understand prison and she doesn't know my incident (it was not violent or sexual in nature). Even if she did, she wouldn't understand. So why is she scared?. I've only been home 2 days but my wife is already threatening divorce because my daughter has said she's scared. It's turning into a "What my wife has said about me" thread so I suppose it won't hurt to add one more: My wife has said that "You haven't changed at all". A point I have to object to. I have stopped smoking, I no longer go near alcohol, I am a much tidier person than pre-prison. I wash all the dishes. do all the cooking (in these past 2 days anyway) and I handle the washing. I hoped I could lift some of her stress by taking responsibilities in things like these but she seems blind to them. Only looking at the negative.

I hope my daughter and I can have a better relationship. And hopefully this forum is the place to find some good advice.

-Thanks in advance