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Greg J

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Feb 18, 2021
Hello everyone, I'm Greg and have a 9-year-old son who - as cheesy as it sounds - is the star of my life. I am a single parent and I believe that my son and I are that much closer because of it. It was recently pointed out to me (not in a rude way!) that not having a motherly figure in his life could have some negative impacts. I am not overly worried, but can certainly see some truth to that, especially after looking up some science behind it! I figure I can post some of my thoughts, questions, or anything else related to parenting here to get some feedback on them. I look forward to posting soon and meeting everyone, this looks like a great community. :)


Nov 9, 2020
Welcome to the forums Greg! It's a little slow around here, and I suspect a majority of the activity is bots (since it's a lot of ads n stuff), but I have talked with a couple actual people so it's not completely dead. I hope you enjoy your time here! I'm a new parent and don't have a lot of experience with kids but I've been told I'm skilled at thinking outside the box so I like to offer my insight anyway in hopes it will give someone an idea they might not have had on their own.

Also, glad to hear you're not beating yourself up about not having a mother figure. It's not something you can control and stressing out won't make the situation any better.

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