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Mar 29, 2021
Howdy, my name is Jared, I live in South Texas, I work full time. I'm an abdl, & have been in diapers pretty much life long. I work in the Oilfields, My wife of 15 years, Laura currently working as a private CPA is beginning the transition to owning her own Public Accounting firm after 10 years out, being private. We are parents to 2, 2 year olds Cade & Dustin. Both at this point still in baby diapers. We are #PampersParents.

We met in 2006, I was working Security for this hotel, Laura was working for a medium size tax firm then and this big convention for finance folks came into town... Sure you had those that got tipsy, & some drunk at convention that had to be escorted to their rooms for not only their safety but also for safety of other guests. We met on 2nd day of convention.

After 4 dates, 5 way long conversations, & 2 4 hour long phone calls... I asked her out. After we'd been together 8 months, she calls me up and asks me about being my Accountant... I was kinda happy bout having an Accountant. I wasnt turning the expensive stuff down.

Fast forward to August 2007. Laura met me for dinner that night, where I asked her to marry me. A year & half into marriage, Laura asks me about becoming Mommy & changing diapers. So we began trying to get pregnant. Didn't happen for so long, due to medical issues with Mom. But in early 2019, the journey paid off, & Finally got pregnant and here we are. It's been quite a ride since delivery, but we are enjoying it!