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Oct 31, 2016
<r>Parenting an ADHD child can be a huge challenge. ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a condition of the brain that affects a person’s ability to pay attention. It is most common in children.<br/>
<URL url="</s>Parenting children<e></e></URL> with ADHD can be a challenge, due to the fact that it’s hard for them to listen to directions. But some parents don’t realize that their children have a lot much going on in their brain, from creative ideas and discovering talents.<br/>
Suppressing your ADHD child and stopping him or her run free will bury many hidden talent, and there is nothing sadder than a wasted talent.<br/>
To me as an adult with ADHD I wish that my parents realized how it affected my life as a child, specially in school. to all the parents that have children with ADD or ADHD, support them and let their imagination run free.</r>


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Feb 26, 2015
My ex was diagnosed with ADD. He's not hyperactive, but can't concentrate on pen and pencil tasks for very long. He's not illiterate but prefers to minimize reading as much as possible and refuses to play board games or anything that challenges his trivia, even Monopoly, but that could just be his own preference. I played Trivial Pursuit with him and took it way too serious when he lost.
He never got through high school. He only has up to grade 10. But he's an incredibly hard worker when he puts his mind to it and focuses on jobs that are hands-on, constructive and fast-paced. No office duties, unless he's injured. It's been tough for him to find motivation and he's given up on ambitions.
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