Parents can be hypocrites...

Apr 23, 2009
Ok I'm a parent myself. Not that of a teen yet, but it will come soon enough. However when my kid reaches the age of 15 or 16 I will not act like a hypocrite. I'm so tired of parents saying crap like "My daughter will date when she's 30" and stuff like "No guy will ever touch my daughter or I'll shoot em." This attitude pisses me off. And what pisses me off more is when the "daddy" uses double standards with his teens. Like it's ok for the son to go out and have fun and find girls, but god forbid if the daughter has fun. If it was up to the daddy, he would make sure the daughter dies a virgin. But the son can go out and "play" the field.

"Daddies" want their daughter to die a virgin. Yet if every father in America could enforce that, we would not have man kind as we know it today. There would be like 2 people on this whole planet. Sex is in our nature, we were born with hormones, we were born to create. Parents are trying to stop this process. That's like trying to stop a dog from barking. It's in their nature to do so. It's our nature to eventually at some point mate. Yet very few "daddies" can understand this. It's ok for the "daddies" and "sons" to play the field but yet if it's their daughter it means war. How hypocritical!

Yet 15 and 16 year old girls can get their permit, drive cars, work jobs, make money, wear sexy make up, thongs, skirts, show their tummy and clevage, get charged as an adult if they commit a crime, and so on. Driving for instance is just as much responsibility as sex, but parents shower their teens with cars so they look "cool" in high school. So if a 16 year old robs a bank she's an adult, but when she wants to *content removed*, or make "love" to her boyfriend she's all of a sudden a child? I'm not getting it. Children play with tonka trucks, barbie dolls, watch barney, play in the sandbox, and things of that nature. Children do not work jobs, drive cars, wear sexy clothes and make up, and go out flirtin with guys at the mall.

Now think back to when you were 15 or 16? Hell when I was 16 *content removed* from my 13 year old girlfriend. The worst part was her mom was in the next room! I never had sex with her, but we fooled around like that. And her parents were the stict "shotgun" type. I couldn't even sit next to her when I was with her. Her parents were really strict. Yet we did things that "daddy" thinks "his" daughter would never do. Because all daddies seem to think their daughter is such a "princess" and no guy can have her. And after awile my 13 year old girlfriend broke up with me. So I moved on and fell inlove with a 14 year old. I was still 16. This girl I actually had sex with. And again her parents were the "shotgun" type.

Now I'm not saying let your teen do whatever she wants. I can understand ground rules. Especially strict ground rules for the first month or two. And I can understand the "door open" policy and no sleep overs. But as you get to know the guy you should began to give him more freedom with your daughter. But here again "daddies" no matter how long they know the guy will never give the daughter freedom. This causes the daughter to lie to you and do stuff behind your back. If you want to trust your daughter then don't do this. Otherwise she will start lieing to you about where she's going and who she's seeing. But by grounding your daughter because you walked in on *content removed*. Sorry for being so vulgar, but to say you were so innocent in high school would be an understatement. And you can "fool around" without having sex. Some girls are waiting for the right moment, the right guy to lose their virginity to. And sorry "daddy" you can't be the one, nor can you stop this. Threatening the guy will only cause problems and your daughter will really hate you. But If she has a new boyfriend every week or two then I would step in at that point.

Which leaves me with a short story here. My father was 18 and my mother was 15 when they got together. My mother's parents were furious when they found out. Especially the "daddy." My mother was with my father for a little over a year before she had the nerve to tell her parents. So my mother was then 16 and my father was 19. My father's dad or my grandpa, went over to my father's house and beat my dad up pretty good. Left him with a black eye, broken hand, and stuff like that. My father never called the cops, he was to scard. My grandpa said "Don't you ever come around my house again you child molester, if I see you with my daughter ever I'll kill you." Well my father kept on seeing my mother because they were "inlove." And my grandpa found out. Anyway my grandpa went to the police and had my father arrested for statutory rape. My father served 6 months in jail due to a plea deal, and he now has to register as a sex offender for life and he's on the same website where 40 year olds are raping 5 year olds. And guess what? My parents are still together to this day. Once my mother turned 18 she cut all ties with her parents. As a child I was never allowed to see my grandparents. My parents, including my brothers and I, have disowned my grandparents. As far as I'm concerned they can die a horrible death. My father makes 6 figures a year, has a 2 story house, and took care of us kids and has made a successful life with my mother. How dare my grandparents try and stop that. My mother is a nurse, my father a business owner. So it goes to show that you may be doing more harm then good in your teens life. If her grades in school stay up, she has a good head on her shoulders and knows what she wants as a career, and the boyfriend has good grades and knows what he wants, them support them, don't play "shotgun" parents. Play "shotgun" parents if some sicko wants to touch your 9 year old.

P.S. I found this link while browsing for parenting forums. I just happen to read a forum found on this website for teens. It's a 16 year old female who plans to have sex with her boyfriend. I think you "daddies" need to read this, because you can't stop it. Over protective parents may infact make it worse. Oh and just so everybody knows, I'm not for having babies at 16. I think that should wait until after you graudate high school and college and have a stable job and home. But that is where educating your kids comes in. Let them know about condoms, birth control, and stds. They are the only ones "not you" who will ultimately make the decision to lose their virginity to that special someone. Only "they" are in control of their hormones, and maturity level.

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Jul 19, 2007
wow...glad you stopped in to share your feelings on the topic. I hope you aren't expecting much from this post. Seems more like trolling than any meaningful parenting advice


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Apr 18, 2009
So you have informed us that your father is a sex offender, that you should be on the sex offenders register and where sex is concerned we should go back to our natural hormonal ways, lets bring back rape then! Oh wait, you already did!


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Jan 3, 2008
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.....ok so is this about parents being hypocrites, or just a personal feeling of your own?

Obviously parents have some sort of hypocricy within them. All parents try to tell their kids to be the striaght and arrow kind of thing, but we've all done stupid crap. ANd Kids will too. We just have to trust them that they won't go overkill on the stupid crap.


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Mar 20, 2008
Wow that was the grossest thing I've ever read. I personally vote for this thread to be deleted.

What is WRONG with you??? HELLO!!!! 13 and 14 is NOT OLD ENOUGH to have sex! That's downright disgusting that you would even describe that to us, and you should be ashamed of yourself for having sex with 13 and 14 year olds and your dad was also too old for your mom. You need to get your shit in line, especially if you're a parent. Have fun when your 13 year old daughter has a baby that you have to raise. That should be cute.

Your father was a sex offender, HE IS ONE!! He DESERVED to go to jail, and he DESERVES to be on the sex offender list, and if you wanna be next then you just go ahead and follow in his scum bag foot steps. You'll grow up someday and figure out what real life is all about, and its not about the statutory rape that you clearly love so much.

Obviously this is just some creepy teenage boy trolling up our forums with his statutory sexual experiences. Congratulations kid, you're officially a weirdo.