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Feb 26, 2015
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</s>Opening in the fall of 2016, Mysa School will be a co-educational full-day school enrolling students in grades 6-9. Over the course of 4 years Mysa will grow into a grade 6-12 school, adding a new grade each year. Mysa school is a pioneering school based on the rapidly growing “micro school” model that is emerging in many places in the United States. Micro schools are modern day and forward thinking versions of the one room school house. Similar to other micro and lab Schools, Mysa School will be a hybrid model that will combine two distinct, complementary, methods of education. The first method is a hands-on, project-based interdisciplinary and cooperative system where students engage in group work and solve real world problems. The second method utilizes individually customized academic learning platforms where each student’s classes and lessons are drawn from an extensive menu of online lessons, programs and resources from around the world. In this way, Mysa School combines the best of both worlds: a tight-knit small learning community that emphasizes the building of interpersonal skills, and at the same time, crowdsourcing via the Internet the best academic lessons, classes, and programs from around the globe – personally tailored for each student. <B><s></s>Check us out at <URL url=""><s></s><e></e></URL>!<e></e></B><e>