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Feb 26, 2015
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I'm not reporting this on grounds that he's disagreeing with my post. I am reporting this post because I think this is bordering on breaking rule #6 "Cite your information" and #7 "Give and take". At the end of this post he is adamantly stating that his opinion is absolute and is suggesting the topic be closed. He is not even the OP. I've had some bad run ins with him before.
Post: Heart problems!
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Posted by: Vdad
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Well, you're bringing up a lot of different issues.

If her heart surgery failed b/c of medical or surgical negligence as you claim...who told you this, btw? can sue for malpractice. The amount awarded is determined by specific factors related to the medical condition requiring surgery, the age of the patient, the actual surgical procedure, and the significance of the's actual level of impairment to functioning, and based on age, the length of life that blunder will affect the patient.

Whatever you might collect, though, won't make her live a"Normal" life, the whole point of suing for malpractice is that unfortunately is no longer the case due to the negligence itself. What the settlement provides is cash for "Pain and suffering", the emotional consequences of the blunder, as well as the anticipated costs of remediation of the functional losses.

Rather than talk with us or look online for similar cases, you should consult an attorney.

Good luck!