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Aug 31, 2020
Hi everyone! I want to present myself. My name is Sofia and I’m passionate about sharing with kids and their parents, the joy and gift of them being who they are to the world. I created a project to inspire everyone to have family relationships with more ease and contribution, free of judgments and expectations.

Reset & Be You starts with the question: What contribution can I be to families, that could erase the judgments, expectations, and projections that don’t allow anyone to be the greatness and the gift that we all are, JUST AS WE ARE?
I want to facilitate parents and children to build a relationship where they are a contribution to each other, enhancing the joy of being themselves, giving voice to their superpowers, and by that, creating a greater world for everyone. I desire to be a contribution to families all around the world supporting them to create relationships based on an allowance, gratitude, and reciprocal contribution, with a lot of joy and free of judgments.

I’m committed to sharing with the world the tools, resources, and knowledge that I have gathered over the years, to enable those who choose to create greater relationships with MORE: possibilities, contribution, joy, confidence, open communication, self-esteem, and LESS: trauma, pain, limitations, fears, self-judgment and so on.
I will share simple and basic ways to apply a consistent RESET to all the programs that are running family’s autopilot which limits everyone to have intimacy, communion, and joy inside, what we call – HOME.
I believe that simple acts are the most powerful and the ones that we easily overlook! I’m here to remind you what you already know!

If you feel interested to check my website!

With gratitude,

Sofia Branco.