Scared to be alone


New member
Sep 14, 2021
Hi everyone! Im new here! Im new to parenting lol. I’m a newly step dad to two wonderful boys and one on the way(my first) the boys are 6 and 4. So I’ve notice how paranoid the older boy is to be alone in ANY room in the house. It’s kind of odd actually at least to me it is. The younger boy can be in any room alone he isn’t scared of anything well maybe just the dark but it’s so odd. I did this yesterday where I would walk to one room to the other to the other just to observe him he followed me to every single room I didn’t do it to be mean but just wanted to see if he would. The kitchen and living room are connected and he still can’t be alone in the living room or kitchen. To go to the bathroom he has to have someone be in the room with him and he only uses the master bedroom bathroom because it’s connected. I’m just wondering if this is a phase that he will grow out of or something to really look into.