Singing the blues...


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Oct 20, 2008
So for Coles birthday (12) my brother brought him back a hand carved chess set from Moscow. He (my brother) knew we had been playing alot and makes way to much money.

Anyway first game was tonight. Little turd beats me in 6 freakin moves:eek:. Check Mate! I am "Whaaat!".

You all will be relieved to hear I slaughtered him in the second game. I was kicking his pieces to the curb like parade candy.

We cant let kids go around thinking they are smarter than us parents. This should be a lesson to us all. He has been studieng openings on the internet. Yes the internet. Yet another reason we should monitor what they do on the web.

I got do some surfing. We have a tie breaker coming up. I plan on beating my kid for parents everywhere. POWER TO THE PARENTS!!!!!!!