Sudden Regression


New member
Nov 13, 2020
I think I already know the problem but my sweet little three year old who listens most of the time has become a horrid beast, jumping on bed, picking on people (except his baby sister, whom hes always nice to) throwing HUGE fits which he has never ever done, hitting, kicking, just being an overall jerk.
I am not the best with it, I yell too much I'm working on that.
I think its because I have been having more "me" time, I suppose, basically I've been playing more games on my phone reading ect and he's feeling left out.
Any thoughts? I've tried all kinds of different disciplines

Renata Lander

Oct 11, 2020
It seems that at three years old there is a first personality crisis, read about it. My son also began to behave badly when he was three years old. He was capricious, constantly changing his decisions, now his behaviour has improved. "Me" time is good, you can use it as you want. Don't try hard!