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Feb 25, 2022
Yes, of course, Jess! I was afraid that something terrible had happened. I leaned towards the blonde, turning my cheek. But Jessica ran her hand over my cheek, turning my face even more to her side. She silently looked into my eyes, and then our lips touched. She stroked my hair, pulling my head closer to her and sticking her tongue into my mouth. I was a little... More precisely, very shocked by her behavior, but soon reciprocated her. I caressed her tongue with mine and even put my hand on her smooth, slender leg, starting to stroke the girl's thigh a little under her skirt. But suddenly a car honked behind us. Jessica felt like she was being electrocuted. She quickly grabbed the steering wheel and drove forward.
Hermione came out of the women's restroom crying. A troll stood before her, staring blankly at her. Hermione tried to hide back, but the troll, waving his club, destroyed the booths.
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I'll help. What should be done?
He unfastens his belt a few centimeters from my face, a member pops out of his trousers, lying on my face. I can smell him, I can feel his temperature caused by the rush of blood to him.
Vera raised her head.
My cunt is pulsing inside: either pressing my husband's cock, then releasing it, the husband cannot stand this torture by sex and begins to move the cock to the top, trying to plunge it even deeper into my cunt. Here he ends with delight and almost a roar, his sperm portion after portion is shot from a dick into my cunt. Trembling all over, I finish in the wake of him. Inside the pussy, everything contracts and unclenches many, many times and I make loud lingering sounds of pleasure ... My husband and I gradually calm down and fall asleep, almost on top of each other.
Everything is fine. Do not worry. You can do it. I reassured her.
(Rita is my friend, studying at the institute. Curvy brown-haired woman, about 180 cm tall, with small high breasts.)