Travelling with kids...


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Feb 25, 2022
The next step was the most grandiose in this whole incredible story. I was ordered to lie down on the sofa, and immediately my mother sat down with her pussy on my mouth, and Lena .... Lena took a rubber mallet and began to beat furiously on my balls. I screamed in pain.
And at the very thing, probably small.
She began to pick something with her finger on my shoulder.
Kylie, take off your bra. I commanded and while the girl was doing this, I took off her panties.
The taxi driver was all up to the bulb. He looked at the slender legs of my stepmother. Today she was wearing sheer stockings and a short skirt. I remembered that I should play along with her and rushed home. 10 minutes later I returned to the same place. The car was parked on the side of the road. I quietly moved closer. My stepmother opened the back door and I got in. The taxi driver sat with his pants down, throwing out his cock. Tanya was almost naked. Only in panties, stockings and shoes.
"Awkward just a nightmare"