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Oct 27, 2014
Hi parents! I'm reaching out to those of you whose children are applying to colleges in the United States. Most high school studentsare unaccustomed to the writing style required of application essays.

I'm a professional US college application essay coach, and I've founded to give applicants a leg up at a time when colleges are getting ridiculously selective.

Working at the admissions office of a university with single-digit admission rates, I had reviewed numerous applications and "graded" a wide variety of essays. I offer detailed and comprehensive essay coaching from an admission officer's perspective.

My coaching areas include proofreading, content review, structure and tone, and topic brainstorming.

For more details, visit my website at

Thank you!

Here are some testimonials I've received:

Thank you so much EssaysCoach for helping me review and edit my essays so meticulously. You made such insightful and helpful comments! It really exposed the blind spots in my essays and helped a ton in clearing my thought process.
- Student

Thank you EssaysCoach. I am much more confident in my child's chances now.
- Parent

EssaysCoach helped me frame my ideas into a coherent narrative. He also helped me notice often-overlooked details that turned out to be essential.
- Student

Thank god for EssaysCoach. My son said your corrections are much better than his teacher's. We also used a service from another website, but it was not very effective. They only changed his grammar. Thank you for your help, I can sleep better now.
- Parent

Just for you parents, to get a $20 discount on any coaching package, type "Parentingforums" into the further questions field when you are submitting essays. Cheers! :)


Jul 22, 2020
It's cool that such services exist! I really need help writing a characterization essay.


Jun 30, 2020
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Sep 27, 2021
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