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Sep 9, 2015
Hi all,

First of all I'd like to apologise if there is already information about this, but the Search function did not yield any specific results.

I wanted to ask the forum whether anyone has children in Waldorf schools and, if so, what your thoughts are about them.

Would you recommend it or not, and could you give your reasons one way or the other?

The reason that I am asking is that my 6 year-old daughter has started school this september. So far she seems to be coping with the academic side of things and seems to have also settled in well socially. However, she is one of the youngest and smallest children in the class and the transition from kindergarten seems to have been very tough for her, as I have noticed that her confidence is not as high as it used to be lately and in the evenings she is absolutely knackered.

Recently my wife and I have found out about this Waldorf/Steiner methodology and were wondering whether perhaps it might be a better match for our girl, and thus wanted to ask the opinion of anyone whose child has gone through this.

Many thanks to all in advance.
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May 28, 2016
I'm unfamiliar with this, what exactly is it?

I take the tack that the best parenting involves helping your child learn how to live in the world.

So, unless your child has some documented impairment...and based on your description, this doesn't seem to be the case...you might see it as an opportunity to help her learn the coping skills to make the transition from KG to the more demanding expectations of Grade One.


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Oct 20, 2014
A friend of mine has 2 kids (now grown) who went to the Steiner school. They were very happy overall and turned out to be fine people, growing up. I'd definitely recommend it.