wetting = Regression?...


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Jul 22, 2016
Hello everyone I'm new here so sorry if I mess this up. I'm a bit concerned with the behavior I've seen out of my 7 year old daughter as of late. Shes been acting more like a two year old. It started about 3 weeks ago or so, she fell asleep one night on the couch watching a movie with me and my other 2 daughters (4 and 9). I took my oldest and youngest up stairs to get them ready for bed when I came back down to pick up my little sleeping beauty I noticed for the first time in 4 years she was sucking her thumb but didn't think much of it. I figured kids go through those phases my 9 year old has had random times up til this earlier this year where shes sucked her thumb in her sleep (luckily it stopped, as I thought it did for all 3 of them). But as the week went on I noticed it almost every night and now its definitely been every night and now during the day I have to remind her not to do it. Thats when shes gets embarrassed and will sometimes throw a fit or just start whining. Now about a week ago I had to go pick her up from school because she had an accident (wet her pants, correction soaked her pants) I brought her a new change of clothes and took her for ice cream to calm her down and talk about what happened. That night she wet the bed, and has now wet the bed 90% of the last week and a half. Also shes had more day time accidents at school, shopping and also at home. Shes been to the doctors (who is also my cousin inlaw) and said everything seems normal and says all signs seem to point to a regression phase. UGH! So as of yesterday she is now in pullups for both day and night and I'm trying to work on a almost repotty training lesson thing for her when we are home or out were I have her go just about every hour to use the potty. I hope this works, thank god the youngest is fully potty trained! As for the thumb sucking I just keep reminding her to stop doing it when she starts, and hopfully she wont need braces. I'm pretty close to just getting her a paci and just focusing on the accidents right now. Ugh I'm such a mess, I feel like its my fault some how:(. Any advice or suggestions on how to repotty train a 7 year old is greatly appropriated.


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May 28, 2016
You can't "Relearn" or "Retrain" something that is already proven to be learned, 7 is potty trained already and obviously knows how to do this.

The question is what's causing the regression? Typically, regression results from some *Issue* or event that is stressful to the child. So, think of some changes or situations that are new to her that could be stressful to her from her perspective....7's view of the world and what's generally Ok is a lot different than ours. Home, social, school...think of the world she lives in and try to see what might have changed for her or what could have happened. It's easiest and most effective to address the cause of the regression directly rather than just they symptoms.

While you're sleuthing this, start talking with her about her life and see where she goes with it. 7 can talk about themselves and their experiences pretty straightforwardly, so you might get some clues from her. Don't be bashful in observing the wetting and asking her why she thinks it's happening and what you can do to help.

You mentioned that the pediatrician ruled out a UTI..the leading cause of wetting...the other thing to ask him is for the bed wetting spray..it's imipramine given nasally and it works right away...but it won't remove the cause of the regression, just the wetting, so you should still try to figure out what the cause is.


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May 19, 2020
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