What to Teach Your Kids About Money - parents views wanted for new book research...


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May 7, 2014
Hi Fellow Parents :)
What do you think is the most important thing that we should be teaching our kids about money?
I'm a mum, coach and author and I'm writing a book to support parents with school age children (like me) who will begin to learn about personal finances as from Sept 2014 as part of the national curriculum subject of Citizenship.
I really want to make the book great and am doing research on what parents really want their kids to know about money and am asking for your help in answering this question (some of the answers will be used as content for the book).
Please comment below or contact me privately by email if you prefer - viv@thinkandtransform.com

Many thanks
P.S. If you are a teacher, financial professional (banker/financial advisor etc), financial journalist, someone who has gone from nothing to great success or someone who has strong views on this subject and you are willing to share, then I would really love to hear from you for a more in depth interview for the book.