When trying to have a child, is it best to ejaculate once solo to clear old sperm?...


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Jan 10, 2015
My wife and I are planning to have a child. I was reading this book called `Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy` (there is a freely available PDF of the book available at http://lipn.univ-paris13.fr/~duchamp/Books&more/Neurosciences/Reflexologie/Mantak%20Chia/%5BMantak_Chia,_Michael_Winn%5D_Taoist_Secrets_of_Love%28BookFi.org%29.pdf)[/URL]

The book has a section called `THE BIG DRAW AS A CONTRACEPTIVE METHOD` on page 157. It has this text:

Taoist cultivation of sexual energy can aid you in creating the
healthiest and most organic contraceptive ever devised. I person-
ally did not ejaculate for ten years using this method, and never had
any unwanted pregnancy. When my wife and I decided to have a
child, I ejaculated twice. The first ejaculation was solo, to clear any
weakened sperm cells out of my body, cells that were weakened
because I had drawn their chi up to my higher centers during medi-
tation. Then my body responded by vigorously producing new
sperm cells to replace those lost in the first ejaculation, and I
focused my intention and energy on making them as powerful and
healthy as possible.
I ejaculated only once in my wife in order to get her pregnant.
Of course, we were careful to choose the beginning of her ovula-
tion, so my sperm had several days to swim around chasing after
her egg. Our child, Max, is the result, and as any of my students
can testify he is a living dynamo. I believe we gave him the best
start in life possible by guarding my seed and cultivating it to max-
imum health by cultivating the health of my body, which produced
the seed.
The author said he ejaculated once to clear old/weak sperm and waited to create fresh sperm.

Is this a good idea? Like the author, I also do not regularly fully ejaculate all of my sperm but I hold it in (save it), and I only let out a couple drops or a little tiny quirt if I masturbate or have sex.

So when having a child, would it be better for the child if the sperm was created freshly from an empty testicle?
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