how to discipline 6 year old without yelling please advise


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Aug 25, 2021
My daughter will be 6 in few months and we have every morning hard time. I wake her up at 6.30 and we have to leave at school at 7.30. the problem is I have to tell her everything 5 times. Every morning I am ending up yelling at her and she cries. How can I discipline her? the routine is every day the same for years. Wake up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, clean up plate after breakfast, dress up , brush the hair, take the shoes and get in the car.
the problem starts after she is up, she goes to bathroom, she brush her teeth, but then she gets distracted with her younger sister (3 months old baby), then I have to start remind her .."it is time to eat..3-4 times, she finally eats...slowly of course..then again reminder "clean up"...hurry up..."dress up" ( come to her room and she has no dress yet, she is looking for bracelet or singing or talking to herself....hurry up...this is the point my temperature is raising and my voice is high. 7.35 she is in the car without brushed hair..all upset that im yelling at sad and angry at myself that it is not working.
what consequesnces wuld you use? what do you do in situations like that?