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    What are time-releases vitamins?

    What are time-releases vitamins?
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    How much zinc is too much?

    What are the best sources for Zinc
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    What is the most effective way to take B12?

    My doctor adviced me to take B12 supplements,, What are the best way to take it.
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    Home treatment for COVID-19

    As the world is fighting with COVID-19 pandemic, attention is shifting to different ways of strengthening the immune system. It becomes necessary because coronavirus 2 respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2) infection impacts the immune system a lot. A balanced diet includes various minerals and...
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    How does Vitamin C benefits skin?

    What are the benefits of Vitamin C? Vitamin C can be taken from which sources?
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    Can you overdose on melatonin for adults?

    Hi, I am taking Melatonin form 3 days, accidently i took overdose on melatonin, Is this effect my body?
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    What is GABA?

    What are the benefits of increased GABA levels in the brain?
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    What does vitamin k2 do?

    Please suggest me benefits of K2 supplements, my doctor recommend me to take this.
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    How much biotin is too much?

    Hi, This week I started to take biotin for my health. So, how much amount I can take of biotin daily? please give me some suggestions....
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    Why do women need so much iron during pregnancy

    Thank You @schneiderellie
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    Why do women need so much iron during pregnancy

    Hi, How are you! I going to be a mother. I want to know that, how much I need to take iron. Can you give me some helpful info and insight about it?
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    What does folic acid do for the body?

    Hi, My name is Ellie Schneider. I want to know that, Why is folic acid important for our body.
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    What happens when you have too much vitamin b12 in your body?

    If, our bodies have too much vitamin b12 then. Then It can have negative side effects on our body?
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    What is the difference between vitamin D and vitamin D3?

    How can vitamin D and D3 be helpful for bones weakness?